Delicious, home cooked meals delivered to your home or office!

Let Gourmet on Wheels be your personal chef! We cook all day Monday and deliver to you on Tuesday.

Great For…

• “On the go” professionals
• Elderly singles or couples
• People who love great taste but don’t have time to eat out or shop and cook


Meals are usually large enough for couples to share

We also cater office lunches and breakfasts!

Meals are cooked with low salt and/or sugar substitutes for your healthy lifestyle!

*Appropriate sides are included with each meal.

Here are some quotes from our customers:

“My husband’s usually the dish guy and now he doesn’t have to spend 30 minutes cleaning up”

“Mom’s just tired of cooking but Dad still wants a good home cooked meal”

“What a great present for new parents returning home from the hospital”

“Mom’s eating well now, she doesn’t like cooking just for one”

“I’ve lost weight since not buying restaurant take home and eating fast food”

“My husband doesn’t have to hear me complain about cooking anymore!”

“The meal is large enough to eat for dinner and then bring my leftovers to work for lunch”

Call Tony if you have any questions (843) 812-8870

Individually Prepared Meals, Delivered to Your Home Weekly!